Real-time database

MemSQL is an in-memory database that allows for real-time processing and reporting. Brands like Uber are powered by MemSQL to display the live dashboard of drivers' and passengers' locations.

The two arrow shapes that make up the ‘M’ in the logo capture a sense of forward motion and perspective. The dimensional shape also resembles an unfolding map, highlighting MemSQL's ability to gather geospatial data in a meaningful way.   


Visual system inspired by data 

Using lines and dots, we've created a versatile visual system to complement the brand. These graphic elements evoke a sense of speed and motion driven by the utilization of data. They show different representations of data points from geospatial maps to flows of input and output. 

Aerial Photography & Big Data

We chose aerial photography to represent the brand because MemSQL's data allows you to view the world from a different perspective. If you zoom out far enough, even seemingly randomly elements in nature form patterns. Similarly, MemSQL gives you a unique bird's eye vantage point in your industry, where you are able to notice patterns and pinpoint movement in a way that you could not see before.

Environmental Graphics

Agency: Teak
Creative Director: Kevin Gammon
Design Director: Paul Rogers
Design Team: Angela May Chen, Nick Grappone