Angela May ChenWeb, UX/UI

Curran Theater

Angela May ChenWeb, UX/UI
Curran Theater

The Curran is a historic theater located in San Francisco. After undergoing major renovation, the theater reopens with a brand makeover. Artist Aaron de la Cruz has been commissioned to paint the bold graffiti-inspired patterns outside the theater to reflect the urban environment. Using that artwork as a brand element, we've subtly incorporated it throughout the new website.


Designing Curran's Magazine

Curran's vision for the website was two fold: to both sell tickets and serve as a cultural hub for theater news and stories. Thus, was  born "The Curran[T]," an editorial section that would live on the site, but function as its own magazine with a sleek black background and an infinite scroll of tiled content. 


Curated mobile experience

To optimize mobile navigation, we've pulled out two menu items: the "On Stage" show page, and "The Curran[T]" magazine page. Having these accessible outside the hamburger menu allows users to more easily purchase show tickets and browse magazine stories on the go.

Contextual Navigation

In order to streamline ticket purchases on show pages, we've created a contextual navigation bar that sticks to the top after you scroll past the hero image. This interaction allows for cleaner and simpler user flow and eliminates stacking too many overwhelming menu items. 


Agency: Teak
Creative Director: Kevin Gammon
Design Director: Paul Rogers

Designers: Angela May Chen
Developers: John E. Evanofski, Evan Hashi